Clean Your Cables???

Anybody ever clean your cables? Not the connectors--I'm talking about the insulators. Would anyone advise using a fabric softener sheet to clean off dust and clear away the static that might be there?
Yp, it can help to remove static build-up. If you have the patience & inclination to do it. I do!
Nordost makes a spray to do this. ECO 3 I think. Used to work well on my Cardas cables...doesn't do much for my transparent now...
Easier to humidify the room. You'll breathe better and avoid nocturnal nosebleeds, too.
Sub is right on the money. It also helped to quieten down my stators, who used to snap, crackle and pop as in those Cornflake adverts of the sixties (well, Quad63s are amongst them, must be the reason)....and yes, the last nocturnal bloody nose I got was when I refused to turn the volume down....
Using a static sheet will also leave your cables smelling just washed fresh ;)

Ernie is right. Humidify, humidify, humidfy! It will also greatly reduce the chances of a damaging static discharge to the caps in your pre and around your turntable.