Clean power & ground issue?

I have a serious ground problem in my home. I have tested the outlets & they all show ungrounded & inverted. It's obvious that whoever did the electrical work in my home missed a few steps. Can I overcome the ground issue with one of the power conditioners on the market? I know this is holding my system back & want to take the next step. Short of rewiring my house or getting an electrician in to run a new line what else can I do?
If you want clean power bite the bullet and run a couple new lines minimum. Short cuts just don't cut it on this issue.
Well if your outlets are inverted you can switch the wires around. Also you may as well put in some new outlets, commercial ones are under 5 bucks each. It's easy to do it you can operate a screwdriver. Be sure to switch off the power first! You can get good power conditioners made by Oneac and Powervar off of Ebay for relatively cheap. You still won't have a ground but otherwise you should be ok.
I was thinking of switching the wires around but I don't know if it's somehow related to the grounding issue. I have checked the ground wire in the house & replaced the clamp but it still doesn't ground properly.
I'd call a electrician and run a dedicated ground and a sep line for your audio. He can also fix the grounding issue for the rest of the house. You might have a fire/electrocution hazzard right now...
Make sure your outlets are up to code first! Ungrounded outlets (and reversed hot/neutral) will not pass inspection and like Jfrech says, are potentially unsafe. Once you are up to code, then worry about power conditioning.