Clean Enclosure Von Schweikert VR-1's

I knocked a candelabra off of a table, onto the floor. The table was situated next to one of my VR-1's; this left faint candle streaks on a side of the enclosure -- visable only in bright light. How can I safely clean the VR-1?
The finish on my vr1 is pretty tough. Another idea is to place a linen cloth over the mark and hold an iron over the cloth. Just warm enough to melt the wax but not so hot as to affect the finish. Aren't they great speakers? I run mine with a small REL sub in a small room and they're fantastic.
Get a can of high quality automotive break cleaner and a micro fiber rag. Spray a small amount on the rag and very lightly run it over the wax. The wax will come off right away and with very little effort.
"Get a can of high quality automotive break cleaner"

Or maybe some automotive brake cleaner?......;-}}