Clean component connections

I am moving my rig from what part of the room to another.  Since everything is currently taken apart, I was wondering what or if i should use something to clean all the rca connections?   alcohol?  

thanks all

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Only two things- one, its sometimes hard to get really clean with just alcohol. Acetone is quite a bit better in that case. And two, there's a ton of cleaners and conditioners, and which as Mike Meyers would say everyone likes his own brand. Feel free to try as many as you can find time and money for. But whatever you do, clean everything at least once a year.
Agree that acetone is an excellent solvent but be aware that it will instantly dissolve a remarkable number of things. If you use it be extremely careful to let it touch only the metal parts of connectors. 
Acetone is very toxic---basically lacquer thinner--no need to expose yourself and your house. Caig De-oxit is fine. Try some 70% alcohol first. For the very best connection, use PPT’s Total Contact---see the thread here, under "misc." and under "member review: fantastic new tweak"--extensively recommended.
Word of caution: any solvent can potentially damage plastic compounds and even Windex has on occasion removed lettering from metal panels. 
I used a couple different products back in the '70's -'90's for cleaning switches and enhancing noisy contacts, but for the last 20 years I have been quite happy with Corrosion-X. I've perked up a lot of stereo's and re-animated a lot of sunken RC boats with this stuff...
If it hasn't been opened recently, definately vacuum first.
Unplug what you can, one end at a time, so you can't get confused. Paint the connections with corrossion-x, and re-assemble. Move on to the next part and repeat. Take your time and don't get ahead of yourself. If you cannot paint all the switch mechanisms, you may be able to squirt them, and actuate them repeatedly while they are soaked, and then use compressed air to blow the excess off the switch housing, or it may drip later. I squirt the Corrossion-X in a beer cap and use a solder brush to apply it.
if your interconnection contacts are gold plated, all you need to clean them is isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth. If they are another metal than you can use De-Oxit. Never use acetone. It dissolves many plastic and rubber components and actually leaves a residue on metal surfaces. 
Right...acetone...use acetone everywhere and then treat all the connections with a small blowtorch, followed with a quick dip in hot road tar.

As a kid, growing up poor, my mom and dad would mend my broken glasses with a quick dip in acetone and holding the pieces together for a few minutes. As I got older, I did it and discovered just how quickly it dissolves things.

I'd stay away from it.

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