Clean away old CD treatments


Recently I've been trying various CD treatments. I began with Optrix, switched to Shine-ola, and even tried Ultrabit. A few of my CDs have received all three treatments without any cleansing in between.

I would like to start over. I want to clean all the old treatments off my CDs. Is it enough to use mild dish soap and distilled water? Or should I use something like Novus? I am hesitant to use lens cleaners with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol because I've heard alcohol is bad for polycarbonate.

Would appreciate any advice.
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Dawn is used to remove oil/grease from roadways after accidents. It really does its' job. Even animal rescue organizations use it to clean off animals caught in oil slicks.

That's great. But can it remove the electric static charge?

Sounds like good stuff. Who knew? I'll stick with Dawn. Today's the day. I'll need more distilled water.
I boil water to get steam...hold disk over to get steam cleaned a couple times...
 So did any of these treaments bring about any improvement to the sound.  I have used optrix with mixed results