Clean and thin sounding interconnect?

I am looking for "Mr. Clean", an interconnect that would be totally transparent, no smoothness added, not harshness in the treble, just a very neutral cable. If it has to have some character, I'd rather have it thin in the bass and lower medium. Price range: up to $300-400 used for 1m (0.5m would do)
AudioTruth Diamond 2 or 3 that should fit the bill very nicely for you....Price is for used
Signal cable- check their website here on audiogon-equals or betters all the cables Ive tried(cardas, audioquest,nordost)
Try the Audience Au24 ics. Very quiet, pristine, and robust and may be as good as any ic in this price range as well as in substantially higher price ranges.

I have had very good luck with E-ticketcables. The price is cheap, and the sound is excellent. Best money I have ever spent.
Bear Lab silver Lighting.
We also have a tube system, and the most transparent cables we have found are either the Verastarr Silver Reference (or Signature) or Z-Squared Au/Au, with the Verastarr's sounding the cleanest. I would describe the Verastarr's exactly as you did in your post. The Z-Squared cables have a little more body in the low mids.

Every other cable I've tried, and I have tried at least fifteen at or above your price range, veiled the highs. I have not heard the Signal Silver cables, but their Analog II does not sound transparent IMO. The AU24 was as described by Stehno, but to my ear it did not fit your stated requirements. And it too smoothed over the highs in our system.

We have a SET amp with 104dB horns, so transparency is our goal, FWIW.
I have just changed to the Silent Audio Apollo A. It will fit your budget with a lot left over for music. The most detail that I have ever heard.
(I use them in a $60K+ system)

They are available on this website from the manufacturer.

I think you would probably love the cables from Grover Huffman.
Regarding Wellfed's comment ... I think you will love them too. But jeez, they are not "clean and thin" sounding in my system!

Not thin sounding in my system either, Metralla.

I tried the Empress which didn't quite work out for me in my setup (rear loaded horns, really bright room). I would highly recommend the cable to anyone that doesn't have to fight for bass extension in their system. The resolution of the Empress was incredible. I am going to be trying a new version which is said to have resolved the leaness that I experienced.
Musical Fidelity NuVista sounds like what you are looking for. Very open and neutral, leaning towards thin, especially in the lower registers.
If you want a clean sounding (not thin sounding) IC at a budget price try Element Cable's twisted pair with Cardas RCAs for around $99 new. They are built with Belden cable on what I believe is a J. Risch design. If I can hear obvious differences between power cords using these ICs they must be pretty transparent and neutral.
I should have read the original post more closely. The Au24 ics are not 'thin' sounding.

acoustic Zen silver ref mk II. These tilt things up in the frequency range a bit. They are actually a little smooth, but they extend very very well in the highs. They don't have a lot of added mid body in my opinion. And they are ultra transparent.
You might want to look into the Magnan III's. Very nice but somewhat lean sounding cable that is very reasonably priced. As i've posted before though, interconnects are component to component interphase dependent though, so your results may vary slightly. Sean
Thanks, I will start with the Silent Audio since they share my speaker cables' approach (Speltz anti-cable): less material is less cost and less coloration!