Clayton P2000 Pre-Amp

I can find very little information on the 'net about this pre-amp. Does anyone have any experience with it?
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Have you tried to contact Wilson Shen directly to see if it has even been released? There is some information on their website ( but you have to access it through the pricing page. It is not on the actual product page.
No, I haven't contacted the manufacturer directly - I thought I'd "take it to the street" first.

The only link I could find (other than the Clayton site) was CES 2001 - Post-Show Coverage

"Clayton Audio's Spartan-looking P2000 preamp ($2800) was shown at last year's CES in a prototype form. It was paired this year with Clayton's mammoth S2000 stereo amplifier ($8000)."
Another suggestion would be to locate the closet dealer from Clayton's website and give them a call. They may be able to give you the scoop.
I own a Clayton S40 and love it. I use it with Audio Research sp9 Mark III. I have talked with Wilson Shen directly and he says that he still has hopes to release a preamp in the future but it is currently not available.