Clayton M300 monoblocks

Has anyone had a good opportunity to evaluate the Clayton Audio M300 monoblocks against other class A models such as Pass Labs?

Thanks for your opinions.
I have the M300s. I had the opportunity to pit them head-to-head against a Class A Krell FPB 600. The Krell threw a wide soundstage and had a bit more slam. The Clayton soundstage is deeper. The Claytons have a richer sound than the Krell, and do not sound as lean. By comparison, the Krell sounded overetched and prickly. The Claytons were rich without sounding too thick.

The Claytons took some time to break in. But once they hit their stride, I was very pleased.
I am currently reviewing them for and my listen impressions are much like the above poster's.

In my review, I will compare them to the NuForce Ref 9 SE V2 but I do not have much experience with Pass amps. Sorry.

Hope it helps in some way...
Consider also the availability of dealer support and manufacturer service.

I shopped for both Clayton Audio and Pass Labs and found the Clayton dealer and distribution network almost non-existent. It was impossible to hear Clayton amps before buying.