Clayton M2000's. Anybody heard them?

Hi all,
I'm looking for a new amp. I'm interested in one with some slam, as well as a rich but not gooey midrange, and good, well-defined bass. I know, I want it all. I'm considering Pass 600's, but has anybody ever heard the big Clayton monos.

David Shapiro
I just bought an Edge NL12. I love it, incredible bass and huge soundstage. The midrange is just right for me. I have heard that the Clayton's run very hot. That's why I went with Edge, pretty cool running. The Claytons are voiced for classical and jazz but can play all types of music. I have never heard Clayton but I have been told by someone who sells both that they are both great amps but the Edge is faster. I listen to mainly rock.
I had the M100's. The M2000's are basically a true differential balanced design of the same circuit. I have not heard better solid state, essentially, Clayton transcended the argement between tube vs. SS. It has the guts and balls of the SS in the low end, and grainless mid and high and warmth of tube. Put my money where my moutn is, I dumped the $7K ML and went with Clayton. I do not know what kind of speakers you have that needs M2000 to run! They are probably bigger than my fire place.

Contrary to other poster's heresy, I should add that the Clayton runs hot but not burning. I can put my hands on the heatsink during operation, probably 70 degree C. It is not unsafely hot, like tube (I was burnt by a tube amp's 6550 before, still left a mark on my arm). The Krell KSA (old 1992, superbly heavy, not the KSA-xxxS stable plateau verison) are hotter can touch the heat sink for 1 second but not hold it there....