Clayton M100 Monoblocks??

Are these amps as good as the reviews say? Comparable to? Pass X series amps?
Well, let me start out with the disclaimer - I'm a Clayton dealer. But I was a Clayton owner before I became a dealer. The M100 presents an excellent combination of liveliness and harmonic richness. However, before I could recommend this (or any other) amp, I'd want to know what speakers you were planning to drive with 'em.

You mention Pass amps - another excellent line (which I do not sell). I'd say that the Claytons do some things better than the Pass X series amps, and the Pass amps do some things better. Once again, it depends on what qualities you want to maximize.
I am currently running platinum solos (small bookshelfs very inefficient 84db and 6 ohms) I plan on staying with bookshelfs inthe future so I guess whatever speaker I get will need power!

I infer from your email that most/many book-shelf speakers are inefficient. Is that what you meant to say?

If so, I dis-agree! Atleast 1 model from GR Research (Diluceo) & the one from Green Mountain, several from B&W & from Dynaudio are of much higher efficiency: 89 - 91dB.

There was a very good review I read on the M100 recently that said that it "loves" a low imp. speaker: 4-8 Ohms but the reviewer wouldn't use it w/ a speaker w/ over 8 ohms imp. Here is the link to the review, if you haven't read it already:

I eyed these amps very longingly but ended up getting something else (which I'm very happy with, BTW). FWIW.
I am a little late in responding but I will say this amp is superb. A natural balance from top to bottom but dynamic if the material demands it. Two distinct areas of excellance is top end and midrange are consistently well balanced tonally.

Bass is very good although my speaker low frequency is limited.

A+ rating in my book.