Classical Vinyl Series

Here is the comparison of 3 different issues of  The Horace Silver Quintet ‎– Song For My Father
1964 - Sorry about this vinyl conditions.

1973 - US Reissue

2021 - "Classical Vinyl Series"
Hi Alex

I think the 2021 sounds very musical, the intro piano and trumpet tonality sounds great, more than the 1964 or 1973 which is surprising. They all sound good but I think I prefer the 2021,
Without listening I would have gone for the 1964 edition.
Edit I need to listen more carefully

I think the drawback of the new reissue is it sounds less vivid versus old issues. Older issues sound more energetic with more drive.
You will hate me for this - but each one starts with distracting pops, crackles or a deep grumbling noise which of course I just don’t get in the Qobuz version I listen to. It’s been so long since I listened to vinyl I’d forgotten about it.  I know it is part of the experience, and there are many other compensations, but now I just find it odd and bothersome to have that noise that wasn’t there when the music was being performed. Sorry!
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It is pretty annoying to have play noise from new LPs, not just little bit of hiss, but audible pops. Many times those pops go away once ultrasonic cleaned.
On my system, different cartridges and different phono preamp produce different amounts of vinyl playing noise. For example, phono stage in Plinius M16P preamp makes bigger play noise than MAGI phonomenal. Also, AT150mlx produces more play noise than Denon DL303 on my system.
So, if you are sensitive to those vinyl play noise, you can look into different cartridge and phono preamp options. However, to enjoy vinyl, you need to accept a certain level of play noise.
Great setup.

How in the heck did Horace Silver lift that intro to Steely Dan's "Ricky don't loose that number" off the 1974  Pretzel Logic Album? 

I like my 1965 copy. It was an usual find-nearly perfect in a box very cheap, uninteresting LP's. It must have been overlooked by the staff.

Hi @tablejockey ,

I think the first edition of The Horace Silver ‎Song For My Father sounds best.
I bought mine on eBay. But the needle was jumped on the first track. So, the seller refunded me.
Yes I just listened  RIKKI DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER on YouTube - nice song.

"I bought mine on eBay. But the needle was jumped on the first track. So, the seller refunded me."

Lucky for you the seller refunded your purchase. Song for my Father is a fantastic album. IMO a  "must have" for any Jazz collection.

Looks like you're not too familiar with Steely Dan? Donald Fagan was a big Jazz fan. That intro was their tribute to the great Horace Silver. Their 1st 3-4 albums are what to seek out.
Recorded with Zoom Q3 HD video recorder.

Lee Morgan ‎– The Sidewinder
Blue Note 2008 reissue

The Real McCoy - Search For Peace
Blue Note 2014 reissue

Bill Evans Trio - My Foolish Heart
OJC-210 (RLP-9399)
ZOOM0004.MOV (

Bill Evans’ album is much more revealing than others. Anyway, Bill Evans’ Waltz for Debby is one of the best live Jazz recording IMHO.

I found LP surface noise to be quite dramatically reduced when I changed to an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge with its little Replicant stylus.

@alexberger Just wanted to say thanks for your YouTube postings. They are a nice option when I'm considering purchasing one of the records you have featured. Beautiful system, nice audio capture.