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I've gotten very interested in classical vinyl in recent months, both new and second-hand. To me, it's generally considerably more pleasant to listen to than CDs. But I've not found a good source for information about it. For example, I'd like to figure out the differences between the Classic Records 180 gm and 200 gm RCA reissues, but I haven't found a good source for information. What recommendations do similarly inclined listeners have? (Audiogon is okay, but there just aren't that many posts on the subject.)

Thanks much
The trouble is, apart from not knowing your listening preferences, that the quality of the reissues varies and I used to know a lot of people, who preferred the originals to all the different reissues. Prices of the old Shaded Dogs or Mercuries have dropped considerably and sometimes you can even strike lucky on Ebay and find a decent copy. One thing seems certain to my experience at least, that it is impossible here to generalize. I used to take the risk and just bought, be it CRs, the old doggies or the reissues, kept the ones I preferred and tried to sell or swap the ones I didn't like.
I think,is better to concentrate on good (phenomemal)musical performance than quality of pressing. For info on musical content you can browse the, or the sites.
Eweedhome, there is a lot of good information in the Audiogon archives about classical music on vinyl. A lot of folks here have a lot of experience and are willing to share their experience if you can pose some fairly specific questions. Here's a link to an earlier thread that in turn contains lots of links to threads that may be of interest:

List of Classical Music threads on Audiogon

Rushton, thankyou! I had stupidly forgotten about your excellent contributions, stupid, because I had profited from them quite a bit a few years back.

Ajahu, agreed, but it is bliss to have the best of both worlds.
Rushton, what a great list! Many thanks. This should keep me occupied for a while.

Ajahu, I certainly agree that, at the end of the day, it is both the quality of the piece and of the performance that matter. Yet, just as I would (generally) rather hear a favorite performance of a favorite piece on vinyl rather than CD (because the vinyl--generally--sounds better, and thus provides a better "entry", if you will, into the music and the performance), I'm finding that pressing quality matters. For example, I really enjoy Stravinky's own performances of his lesser-known ballets Orpheus and Apollo. But it took me 2 CDs and 4 Lps before I got satisfactory renditions of these recordings...and, what sounded best to me happened to be a late Columbia US pressing, which, according to the word on the street about Columbia pressings, shouldn't be the case.

Thanks for everyone's input and happy listening...