Classical SACD recomendation

i have recently started purchasing SACD,which i love,and more so recently started into classcal.
Now i have a few but what i am looking for is Impact.on my TELARC SAMPLER #4(classical)song #2
FALLA:Spanish Dance from La Vida Breve,Act2 Tableau 1(Kunzel/Cincinnati Pops Orchestra)
This arrangment has IMPACT...i am looking for SACD's with simular impact.any recommondations??
thanks John
Plenty of stuff out there. If you like Beethoven, there's a great cycle of his symphonies (incomplete) on Hybrid SACD (RCA Red Label) by the conductor Paavo Jarvi and the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. I particularly like the very athletic version of the 5th Symphony, but all in the cycle are very good, both performance and audio. The 5th is of course has plenty of impact. It's a really great performance of an otherwise overplayed piece. The current offerings in this cycle are 5 & 1, 4 & 7, and 3 & 8.
Reference Recordings has a few SACD's. I have one and it is an excellent choice to demo the benefits of SACD.
to be honest i am new to the classical scene,but i love to give my speakers a workout and Falla did so,i am going to look into all of your responses
thanks again
Telarcs' Tchaikovsky 1812, SACD 60541. The music will give you chills and the cannons will make a believer out of everyone. Make sure you have a fresh pair of shorts for all your guest...