Classical Rock

I'm hoping to expand my Classical Rock playlist.  So far I have:

Jan & Dean - Pop Symphony No. 1
The Moody Blues - Days Of Future Past
Deep Purple - Concerto For Group And Orchestra
LSO - British Invasion
The Who - Who's Serious

Any other suggestions?

Kansas comes close. Some were classically trained as well.
Kansas has always featured a violinist. Not exactly symphonic. They put on a good show. Great 2015 doc 'bout 'em.
Lighthouse...11 Piece band out of Canada late 60's-Mid 70's. They were an orchestra...Strings/Horns/Woodwinds etc (Somewhere between CHICAGO and BS+T in Sound)
Totally familiar with Lighthouse.  Not exactly orchestral.  Horn arrangements were never in the league of Pankow.  They turned down Woodstock.  I prefer the Lighthouse album by Billy Barber but not for this p/l.
Greatest oxy-moron in history .