Classical Rock

I'm hoping to expand my Classical Rock playlist.  So far I have:

Jan & Dean - Pop Symphony No. 1
The Moody Blues - Days Of Future Past
Deep Purple - Concerto For Group And Orchestra
LSO - British Invasion
The Who - Who's Serious

Any other suggestions?

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Anything Moody Blues. 
Yngwie malmsteens concerto suite is good. Japanese philharmonic orchestra. 
Newest blind guardian. 
New UDO w/orchestra is ok. 
Great Italian prog band, Banco, did an all instrumental album called "Di Terra" in 1978.

It is one of the best integrations of a prog band and an orchestra I've ever heard. It doesn't just sound like a rock band fronting an orchestra. They play as an integrated unit with the orchestra.

And it's also not just orchestral arrangements of previous band material, or pop, or mainstream rock. It is modern sounding, fully realized orchestral music.