Classical Recommendation

Looking to get into a few 180 gm recordings where the woodwinds carry the melody, accompanied by brass/strings. What can you recommend?
Mozart Clarinet Concerto K622

Just what the doctor ordered.


Mozarts Clarinet Concerto K622, I second that. Especially the second moment within this piece, It is miraculous.
A little different take might be Frederick Fennell and the Cleveland Symphonic Winds doing Holst Suites #1 and 2, Handel the Music for the Royal Fireworks and Back Fantasia in G. An orchestra of only brass, percussion and winds might be enough different to give you what you seek.
Gershwin's Promenade, which was available on Reference Recordings heavy vinyl along with An American in Paris (Slatkin, St. Louis Symphony, an old Vox recording and a good one). If you want to go into chamber music, you can try the Dvorak and Mozart Seranades for Winds, which were on a Sheffield Labs disc with the Chicago players which has spectacular sonics, and if you want to try chamber music, the Brahms Clarinet Quintet is one of the great pieces of music for a small ensemble; there is a Super Analog Disc recording of this, probably still available. Copland also wrote a clarinet concerto, don't know of any heavy vinyl recordings of it though.
Thanks for the feedback. I really love the sound of oboe/sax. Do any of your recommendations feature this combo?
Not as much saxaphone in classical music as you'd think. Prokofiev's Lt. Kije Suite (RCA reissue on Classic Records) has a bit of it, as does Gershwin. Also, the first movement of the Rachmaninoff Symphonic Dances has a nice saxaphone solo with an oboe weaving around it, an audiophile spectacular piece for its dynamics as well as an exciting piece of music. Hopefully A-gon member Frogman will respond--I heard him play that solo (and beautifully) with the NJ Symphony last year, he's an accomplished sax and bass clarinet player. He may have some recommendations in this vein.
I might add that Uru975's recommendation of trying some symphonic band music is a good one--he's referring to some of the early Telarc recordings which were on vinyl. Reference Recordings had good recordings of the Dallas Symphony's wind ensemble on vinyl (Trittico, the Holst suites), and there are some of the Fennel/Eastman Wind Ensemble recordings for Mercury that I believe have been re-issued on vinyl that will astound you in terms of their dynamics. Also, if you can find them, the Wilson Audio symphonic band recordings (Center Stage, Winds of War and Peace) were well done on vinyl, though I only liked a couple of cuts on them.
I have finally obtained a copy of Ralph Vaughan Williams Pastoral Symphony, & #5. It is on and EMI label featuring Sir Richard Boult. The recording quality is ok. I would have much preferred 180 gm but I could not locate that format. I don't remember who advised me to get the Pastoral Symphony as well but thanks.