Classical question

In the movie "Francis" the Francis Farmer story starring Jessica Lange they play a wonderful classical piece at the end during the closing credits. I have never been able to find out who the composer is. I would dearly like to buy a CD with this tune on it. If you could enlighten me I would be very grateful. Thanks.

I have found music lists on the web of the Soundtrack and the only classical listed is Mozart's k313 I believe which is actually played during the movie itself and is not the one I'm looking for.
I believe it is Flute Concerto No. 1.
Sjpin, thankd for your response. As I said earlier, K.313 is listed in the credits and is played during the movie itself. The piece I'm looking for comes only during the closing credits of the movie. It's very sad and moving. I've been trying for years to find out what it is.
It may be the main theme by John Barry, who wrote the score for the movie.

It's on a CD entitled "Moviola", a collection of scores Barry wrote for several movies, such as "Body Heat"---what a clever movie!---, "Dancing With Wolves", "Out of Africa", etc.

You can listen to it on Tower Records' website.

Thanks for your input. I checked out Tower and can't tell 100% if that's the tune because it's so short on the Tower playback but it could be it. In any case, I gave the rest of the tracks a listen and I don't think I'd be disappointed if I bought this Disc. Again thanks.

I've just ordered the disc through Will let you know if successful or not. Of course I had to order a couple of others while I was at it. Sometimes it would be easier with a cheaper hobby. Thanks again.
I'm happy to have been of assistance. I'm sure you'll enjoy Moviola.

My problem is that my musical tastes are so narrowly focused I have trouble finding new CDs. I'm primarily into classical, and chamber music in particular (and within that, piano trios---"narrow" becomes a fine line!). To broaden my horizons, I've even started to listen to some bluegrass (Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck, the group Hot Rize, for example)! Never woulda thunkit.

One group I recently discovered is The Be Good Tanyas. Hard to categorize them---and I'm not the first to try---but I really enjoy their two albums.

With regard to cost, I see that CD prices have started dropping.

I listen to just about everything that is good. From hard core punk rock to jazz to blues to classical. I have been getting into classical more and more lately. Still listen to heavy metal too though. I may be 43 but I'm not going down easy. If you think you could muster the words I'd be interested in finding out a little more about the Be Good Tanyas. I'm always on the lookout for something new and interesting. I haven't found anything lately that might be up your alley but if you are willing to step out on a limb there is a band called My Morning Jacket. Their album It Still Moves is very interesting. Definitely more of the rock genre but as with you and the Tanyas I would find this one hard to describe. Again thanks for taking the time to help me out.
Various music gurus have tried their hands at categorizing
The Be Good Tanyas, coming up with descriptions such as folk, Gothic, grunge, etc. They are three talented young ladies from Vancouver, BC, who write most of their own music although there is a smattering of traditional stuff also. My own description is "Canadian Country". I guess what I really enjoy most is the great variety of sounds they get, with guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass, trumpet, saw(!), etc. Although their recordings have been made under some rather rudimentary conditions, imaging and soundstage are remarkable.(If this weren't important to me, I certainly wouldn't be as deep into this High End hobby as I am.)

They presently have two albums out: "Blue Horse"(their first) and "Chinatown". I love 'em both. My favorite tracks are "Lakes of Ponchartrain", "Keep It Light Enough To Travel", and "Waitin' Around To Die"(by Townes van Zandt).
Again, you can hear snippets of these on Tower's website.

I can't close this without mentioning The Ahn Trio. They are three knockdown gorgeous young ladies from S. Korea. Two are twins: Lucia (piano) and Maria (cello). Angella is the younger sister (violin). They are graduates of Juilliard and are remarkably talented, their repertoire truly diverse. For example, I saw them in concert almost a year ago, and the program ranged from Haydn, through Kenji Bunch (another Juilliard gem), to---get this---"Hey Jude"
as an encore! On their latest CD, "Groovebox", the first track is their instrumental arrangement of The Doors'
"Riders on the Storm"! I suggest starting with their "Ahn-Plugged" (music including Bunch, Bernstein, Piazzola, and Bowie---yeah, David Bowie!) and "Groovebox" CDs.

If you're willing to give bluegrass a listen, I suggest Hot Rize's-"So Long of a Journey" (CD and track title). It was reviewed quite favorably in The Audiophile Voice before that mag went belly up, and is the only true bluegrass CD I have, with the possible exception of the "O Brother..." soundtrack, which is not that great from an audio standpoint, IMHO.

Maybe these suggestions will help you "broaden your horizons". I'll checkout My Morning Jacket.

I got the Moviola CD yesterday and as you said the song I was looking for was indeed there. Again thank you.