classical music

does classical music sounds better with Mc cart?

I had tried  MM VS Mc seems Mc digs into the music more and bring out the mood better.
Mc I used
m110e Sigma 
Stanton 981 

it have the more see through quality and music comes together more 

I used to only enjoy opera on mm but never pure classics 

what are your thoughts? 
@anthonya  No-one has figured out a way to make any sort of hifi equipment favor a certain format. What's good for classical music is good for jazz, rock, folk, metal, electronia, you name it.

The idea that a certain speaker or amplifier might be best for classical as opposed to some other genre is purely myth.
Raph is absolutely right. Good speakers play everything well. If not then they have unacceptable limitations. Why should cartridges be any different. Although gear that has limitations might do better with certain genres.
totally agree about genre @atmasphere  

@melm  @mijostyn 
with low gain cart 
classical, live music especially where there is alot of hidden background sound pops out. making this kind of recording   way more interesting. 

with high gain cart. the macro pop out more.  and this more saturated. 

this is what I noticed. 

I always wondered about this debate which is 'better.' 
at one stage.. the MM got better than Mc.

then after slowly reviewing the whole system.. slowly improving different aspects.. oh okay.. the advantages of 'mc' appears. my friend uses 2 Lyra and 1 goldring mm and 1 audio technica mm.. then i myself tried Mc and Mm low gain.. oh okay similar results. never at his 80k hi end system  system venue with custom room.. archieve 3 layers of clarity width and depth. saturation space. like a very good digital setup .. he say man.. been doing it wrong for 40+ yrs.. old dog got schooled. 

But still not final conclusion. there is still something better about high gain mm, it's simply more natural . we know better now not to argue which is better. 

Joe Grado who invented the moving coil cartridge gave up on it. I believe his argument was that there was no way to get the moving mass low enough resulting in resonance inside the audio band. But given modern materials, lighter cantilevers, smaller diamond it is now possible to keep the resonance above the audio band. It still requires a stiffer suspension.
yup.. that's why fixed coil Moving iron? anyway been hearing great things about soundsmith