Classical Music for Aficionados

I would like to start a thread, similar to Orpheus’ jazz site, for lovers of classical music.
I will list some of my favorite recordings, CDs as well as LP’s. While good sound is not a prime requisite, it will be a consideration.
  Classical music lovers please feel free to add to my lists.
Discussion of musical and recording issues will be welcome.

I’ll start with a list of CDs.  Records to follow in a later post.

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique.  Chesky  — Royal Phil. Orch.  Freccia, conductor.
Mahler:  Des Knaben Wunderhorn.  Vanguard Classics — Vienna Festival Orch. Prohaska, conductor.
Prokofiev:  Scythian Suite et. al.  DG  — Chicago Symphony  Abbado, conductor.
Brahms: Symphony #1.  Chesky — London Symph. Orch.  Horenstein, conductor.
Stravinsky: L’Histoire du Soldat. HDTT — Ars Nova.  Mandell, conductor.
Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances. Analogue Productions. — Dallas Symph Orch. Johanos, cond.
Respighi: Roman Festivals et. al. Chesky — Royal Phil. Orch. Freccia, conductor.

All of the above happen to be great sounding recordings, but, as I said, sonics is not a prerequisite.

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Thanks for your assessment, Schubert.  Good point re Valente vs Elly.  I’m very biased toward the Marlboro recording being one of the first Wright recordings I heard many years ago while still in HS.  I will post Wright’s Brahms Clarinet sonatas later.  You being a Brahms fan, I think you’ll enjoy them.  

Rok, The “Gran Partita” is indeed magnificent.  One of the greatest works for winds,  Mozart’s genius is all over the work.  Notice the use of two Bassett horns (essentially alto clarinets in F with extended range) bridging the range gap between the clarinets and bassoons.  Wonderful color.  Great 
I went to Marlboro about a dozen times , Not hard when you live
60 miles away and not expensive .
A truly great fest , far better than the one in Mass.

I will never forget sitting 20 feet bur I have from present boss, MitsukoUchida.playing Schubert , it was a cool day but the blouse on her small back was soaking wet. Not easy being great which she sure is .

I’m with Mazur , "I love every note he wrote " .Mazur had a large tome he wrote which showed that Sym 1-4 were of one piece .Could Be.I don’t have Brahms IQ score but I think he was the most intelligent of all the great composers .

It’s not really bias , like a women, you like what YOU like period .And if you buds say different F....... them.

P.S I don’t know if this is true or not and I have never said it . In 2 German books I read  Brahms sleep with a bible under his pillow and knew every word of it.
I imagine he could.

Johann Strauss  --  THE BLUE DANUBE
Vienna State Opera Chorus
Vienna Philharmonic
Willi Boskovsky
London label  -- 1984

I remember the first time I heard this version, I was driving across Louisiana in my Taurus SHO, listening to PBS on the radio.   Bought it as soon as I got home.

The kind of music that attracts folks to Classical Music.  Best LOUD!

Well there is this guy called Heinz Holliger .
As soon as your first CD started It came back to me . I had this recording
a long time ago.In those days I didn’t care who was playing just wantedSchubert and Mozart .As I said Wright is lyrical + he REALLY helps the singer . There is a old Principle Oboe Man, soon to retire , In the Minnesota that does that as well and has a beautiful tone . Might be a tad easier on Oboe . Seems Wright has one tone, beautiful ..Karl has 2 . LOL.