Classical Music: Dorian Label

I recently picked up a couple cds under the Dorian label that combine really nice performances with outstanding sound quality.  The ones I have are:  Korngold: Sinfonietta; Violin Concerto, Homage to Sarasate, Max Reger: Three Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin; and Max Reger: Four Sonatas for Unaccompanied Violin Op.91, Vol,II.

Can anyone suggest other cds in the Dorian catalog that are worth pursuing.



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I have and enjoy solo piano music by Antonin Kubalek on Dorian, especial his 2 volumes of Brahms. He has a number of solo piano recordings I also have and enjoy, ’Czech Miniature Masterpieces’, ’My gift to you’ (piano Encores), ’Tchaikovsky’s Seasons’. There are several excellent Harp recordings if you like that instrument as well a lute.

Dorian has quite a few recordings on Amazon. You should take a look and try some of the music that might appeal to you. Its all good, at the worst and the recordings a often unique. Enjoy.