Classical music-Calypso or FS Presence ?

Any opinions on the best line preamp for classical music, particularly considering the Aesthetix Calypso Saturn and the First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk.II ? Also, best recommendations for phono stage preamp and classical lps.
I listen principally to classical music, and almost exclusively to vinyl. Based on my experience living with the Aesthetix Io Signature, and what I've heard with the Aestheitx Calypso and Rhea, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more satisfactory line state and phono stage than the Aesthetix.
Opus88, Presently I have the Aesthetix Calypso and Rhea (phono). I find them to be a great pair synergistically and they have a wonderful knack for reproducing involved acoustic classical music. I am extremely pleased with the performance even compared side by side to the Aesthetix Callisto Signature and Io in a living room setting. Let me be clear though, so as not to have the audiophile police come knocking on my door here. Ultimately they are not comparable in sound stage size and nuance in a cost be damned situation. Yet, the Calypso and Rhea have all the essential caricature and balance of their huge dollar brethren. They are two of the finest balanced components I have ever listened to and are loaded with versatility and have excellent casework. The Rhea (phono) leaves me wanting for very little, if any. I would highly recommend it for your listening. For an ultimate sound beyond reproach head for the Callisto Signature and Io. You will be amazed.

On the issue of comparison between the First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk.II and the Aesthetix Calypso, I cannot speak. Both are dual mono construction and both have stepped resistor volume controls with the consideration that the FSPDII has duals. All that is good but takes no precedence to your ears. I have heard nothing but stellar review of the FSPDII. Good luck, you certainly have your work cut out for you and are looking at a beautifully sound future. Enjoy!
Thanks very much to both of you fellows. Your comments are encouraging. I am considering the Calypso and Rhea together in the Janus package. Are either of you aware of any notable losses in sound quality in comparing the two components separately vs. their being combined in the single Janis package ? Thanks for any additional information. I welcome comments from others also.
Opus88, I am not aware of anything notable. I could only construe that as you reduce chassis and physical space between source components and power supplies there is a price to pay. Yet again I have not heard the Janus side by side in comparison with the Calypso/Rhea or Callisto/Io signatures. My recommendation to you would be to speak with Jim White owner/designer on this subject. He is a gentleman of Hifi gentlemen. Cheers!
Opus88, I agree with R_f_sayles about talking with Jim White. He will tell you very directly and openly what tradeoffs he hears in the Janus as compared with the Calypso/Rhea combination.