Classical CD-guide in print or on web?

How do Audiogoners decide which recording to buy of a a classical music piece? I know there is the Good Classical CD Guide from British Grammophone magazine, but astheir customer service is awful, I haven't reveived it yet after ordering it three times. Are there other resources, maybe on the web, which compare recordings, and tell you which ones are the best?
On the web, summarizes multiple magazine reviews. For printed matter, search Amazon for the authors Ted Libbey and Jim Svejda. Be warned, if you buy both their books, you will discover that they almost never agree. There is no such thing as "best." It is very much a matter of taste. Still, they can at least suggest recordings worth trying.
Gramophone's reviews are all available online through its website at:

You do have to register to gain access, but otherwise there is no cost.
Classics offers very good reviews. Though not enough to really be of great help. In other words they have left out a bunch of great recordings that are my "definitive". So I would not purchase based solely on their recommendation. I would consider all the top choices before I buy. I use tower's one minute Audio Play, saves me a BUNCH!! of money. Its alot of time invested, but at the moment I'm only working part time. I may have to play the selection over several times, but works for me. On some of my favorite compositions, I have 1 to 4 recordings, enjoy them all.
The Basic Record Library book offered by Performance Today, the NPR radio program is a nice starter.

Also check out this website...
The Penguin Guide is my favorite: Also "Fanfare" magazine.
Hassel, may I suggest that you hold off on purchase until you become aware, reviews, listening to 1 minute clips on Tower's site, and reading the chat sites here and over at I've got lots of disc's I find "not up to the music".
The best resource on the Internet is the newsgroup Best way to find a recommendation for a particular piece is to try the google search on the newsgroup. There are some really knowledgeable people who post to that newsgroup and you can learn a lot by simply reading their comments.