Classic rock remasters.....24 bit/SACD

Besides the 24 bit Doors,BOwie,etc,stones/dylan,who sacds, any other remasters come to mind...I am patiently waiting for Zep and beatles remasters...but who isnt!
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Phasecorrect-Page himself remastered the whole Zep. back catalogue.
It was a while back now probably 10 years-it was done with George Marino at Sterling Sounds in New York.
I'm pretty sure it is 24 bit but obviously the technology has moved on since then and indeed the tape hiss etc and limitations of the original recordings are key factors.
I have the Complete Studio Recordings-Box Set-essential in my view.

The Beatles only the One compilation features new remastering,that is definetly 24 bit.
I think the problem with the Beatles is the 4 way spilt on making descisions-I believe it is very difficult to get agreement on releasing stuff.
The entire Bowie back catalogue has also been done in 24 bit recently too.
Check for the CD's with the cover pictures of Bowie on the spine.

Every Bowie album up until Hours has been done,the last three only in the last week or so.

On the Beatles front , the following may be of interest to you.

Regards, Rich
Red Trumpet has the remastered Japanese Beatles CDs available and has for some time. I've got Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road and the sound quality is excellent. The CDs available in this country are not worth buying. Try
A couple of early Clapton CD's have recently come out in SACD, including Derek and the Dominoes Layla and other assorted love songs. The Police and Peter Gabriel are in SACD, of course. I thought I heard something about DireStraits coming out soon. I sure wish the owners of the Beatles catalogue would get their act together too.
The Animals sacd hybrid is good, also ACDC remasters at least "Back in Black" and "Highway to Hell" (only ones i got). One that I don't think is a re-master but is very good is "One foot in the Blues" by ZZ Top. For a change of pace I like the Guess Who 2 disc compilation, pretty good sonics, and almost every song is a keeper (I was surprised too). I also like the "War" 2 disc set. Then there is the Rory Gallagher re-masters, his whole catalog. I admit I'm a Rory fanatic. Blues rock, ummph! "Live in Europe", "Irish Tour", "Live at the BBC" for live albums. "Calling Card", "Tattoo" for studio recordings.
The Kinks re-released 15 titles on SACD recently.
I just ordered the "Capitol Releases" of the Beatles remasters due out 11/16