Classic Rock Quiz

See how many you can score out of 20.
Tough one! I only got 12 and there was quite a few guesses...
I got 12 out of 20.
I got 10 right. Those are kinda hard questions.
I got 70 % or 14 correct. Not to shabby...
65% score and 90% were guesses.
I wish they would have asked "Who wrote Spirit in the Sky".
I actually know that answer..
13 for me. tuff quiz.
I only got 10 right. In my defense, I never listen to the Stones and know nothing about them.
35% for me and all but two were guesses.
That was hard. Somehow I managed a 70%.
I got 40% (8 right), most of them guesses :-)

-- Al
11 right only knew a few
I got 60% which is 12 and I swear the only question I didn't guess at was Jim Morrison's indecent exposure arrest.
40% guessing mostly
only 50% for me ... ugh
I got 60% was a good quiz thanks for sharing it.
I got a 65% on the Classic rock, and a 70% on Jimi Hendrix.
12 for me for but several were guesses - brings back memories of school - YIKES!
Take the quiz here.
Not really that difficult to provide proper link.

I scored 50%. Many of the artists mentioned in this quiz have never been of interest to me.