Classic Rock Fans?

Just wondering if anybody out there is still into CTA, ELP, DC5, ISB, EWF, ELO, AWB, PS&G, MC5, QSM, BTO, CSN&Y, SHF, WB&L, GMF, TYA, CC&R, AC/DC or FYC? Back in the day when bands were bands.
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I still like AC/DC Powerage. I think that it's my favorite no-frills rock album. There are times when Brahms and Beethoven just won't cut it.
I still listen to the Eagles ( NOT "Hotel California" ), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "4-Way Street", CSN's 1st LP on reissued 180g vinyl, ELP's "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends", Steely Dan, Jefferson Airplane (stuff like "Crown Of Creation), and lots of good ol Grateful Dead
Oh yes. Definitely.
Would love to get my hands on early, early Bob Seger 2+2
on Cd if anyone has a copy.
Yes sir!
Me too.
Onhwy61-UK publishers Future Publishing have a monthly magazine called Classic Rock.
It features the era and bands you favour,is reasonably well written and covers a decent range of music.
Surely must be traceable in the States-need further info e-mail me.
California Tax Assistance is one of my faves, I also like to kick back with some Electric Leprosy Project or illio secal balve, effeminate losers organization, Authoritarian Workers Billboard, Portable Scissors and Glue, Quasimoto's Salad Market, Beautiful Teachers Onboard.
I still perfer Jethro Tull, Queen, REO, and some of the better known bands. Personal preference...
Still love em. I'm one of those grouchy old guys who's always saying, " rock sure isn't like it used to be." What about ABB and BadCo? Is it CC&R or just CCR? Two movie soundtracks come to mind: The Big Lebowski and Almost Famous.
Nrchy, we have some of the same taste in bands. The early Leprosy Project stuff was truly untouchable. ;>) Cheers,Lee
I'm still a fan of music from the bands from the late 60s-early 70s (the Byrds were always among my favorites back then), although I am not at all interested in seeing them on their current reunion tours and remindng myself of how old I am.
hell yea. played bad company 10 from 6 recently couldn't believe how good it sounded.
Very much so. One of my favorite experiences is to hear a song I have liked for 30 or more years, for the first time on a good system and find out it was even better than I knew. The recording was so far ahead of the playback then. At least the playback I had available to me.
Does FYC = Fine Young Cannibals??? How did they get included in this group???

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Nowdays CTA, ELP, ACDC or ELO has no power to leave traces over my ears and preferably stomach while JT, GG, VDGG, PG still does...
Yes, AC/DC. My favorite is "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" cd/album, particularly the track "BIG BALLS"!
All the music above is still some of my most played classic rock.
Lets not forget Fleetwood Mac,esp.Stevie at her best! Right Tom? :~)
Blue Oyster Cult,Wishbone Ash,Mott,Moody Blues..the list is endless!
How about Mahogony Rush,anybody ever here of Nitzinger only met one person who has
I've purchased more classic rock music on CD in the last few years than anything else. Some are GH, but usually I prefer the original albums. Fleetwood Mac's "Mystery to Me", David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust", The Who's "Who's Next?", Aerosmith's "Get Your Wings" and "Rocks", Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here", Yes "Fragile" and "90125", Bad Company's ST, Spirit's "Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus" to name a few.

Got the complete LZ catalog in the Japan mini LP series to replace the two boxed sets from the early 90's. Never heard an LZ song I don't like. I need a couple more of Robert Plant's to be complete for his catalog. I have all the Steely Dan and most of the Tom Petty albums.

A couple I plan to get soon are Ten Years After "Space in Time" (BGO label) and King Crimson's "Court of the Crimson King". Good thread!
Anyone hear of a band called Starz from 1976
Ray, saw Starz around then back in my late teen years. Did they have the song "She's just a Fallen Angel" and "Detroit Girl." Can't quite remember who they opened for, but I think it was Thin Lizzy and Robin Trower or Starcastle and Marshall Tucker? It was nice back then, 3 group concerts for under 10 bucks.
Speaking of Classic Rock. I saw the Yes 35th Anniversary Tour in San Jose last Saturday. It don't get any more classic than that. They were tight as all hell and Steve Howe keeps getting quicker every year. He has to slow down sometime - but that time ain't yet come.
lol ,Eldulsecol you have a good memory,you hit the nail on the head,I had to dig out the album to check song titles,,
what, no black sabbath or rolling stones? velvet underground?

hell, i occasionally put "london calling" by the clash in the system for some jollies; gotta love mothers of invention too.

I too am a Classic Rock fan....and sometimes when you are lucky u can find some new bands that have classic rock in them without being just imitation: try Cry For Love: if u liked Bad Company, u will like these guys
Lurve fact, I've been listening to an ELO CD for the past week or so. CSNY is always a fave, too.

When I listen to the radio, it's usually classic rock or classical. I can't bear much of anything recorded after about 1983.
Forgot to add that I almost (almost) dated a guy purely because he resembled Jeff Lynne (well, he had the curly perm and the aviator glasses).

Oh yeah, he was a drummer, too. What can I was 1979.
anyone heard hall and oates[war babys]produced by todd rundgren,who also plays on album,very different stuff for them,,came out in late 70s I had the album ,cant find it anywhere now,great album,
Jeff Lynne was on guitar, keyboards and vocals for ELO.
Bev Bevan (sporting a shag) was their drummer.
I know, was the combination of the guy sort of looking like Jeff Lynne plus being a drummer that was the attraction (who could ask for anything more?).
How about Don Henley when he was with the Eagles?
(drummer + curly perm) ;)
You guys got to get Fleetwood Mac's "Boston Tea Party - Vol 1". This is from January, 1970, and is the original blues group with Peter Green. Excellent sense of a live concert.

By the way, just today I picked up The Best of Traffic, Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, and Deep Purple Live on the BBC which includes "Hush" (the single release, not a live version). Also picked up "The Frost - Live"...see, I'm a Detroit boy.
Tomyran, you a fan of the old MC5?
How about Don Henley when he was with the Eagles?
(drummer + curly perm) ;)

LOL! (It wasn't quite long enough, though!)
I have Bob Seger Ramblin Gamlin Man, Mongrel and Seven on original CD's . The sound is very good. I believe Capitol Records pulled these soon after they were released.

I have Noah, Brand New Moring, and Back in 72 on CDR's from Pristine LP's.

I also have some unleased Seger stuff on CD's like a 9 minute Heavy Music,and Looking back and others .
Oh yeah I almost forgot , I also have copies of Persecution Smith , East side story and many others songs when he was with The Last Heard.

I don't know why he has not released a boxed set of his old stuff. The Downriver Detroit boys ( myself included ) thought of him as a Rock god back then.

To me his earlier music realy rocked !
Not really a fan of the MC5 but did like their, I think, 2nd album with short rockin' tunes that sounded a bit like late 50s rock. I did, just last week, pick up a CD of The Frost's live album...don't know if you've ever heard of them. Got it at Dearborn Music in Michigan which also carries a CD with both of Savage Grace's albums and the remastering is quite good.
Small world--Dearborn Music is a shop I visit (along with Miller's for the Millerburgers) whenever my wife and I visit her sister in Dearborn!! A very nice music store. I never really liked the MC5, but you heard their "Kick Out the Jams" every waking minute at U of M in the fall of '68 when I first went there, so it's ingrained in my mind. I'll have to check out The Frost, name sounds familiar but vaguely. Back in my day, The Bob Seeger System was just getting going in A-squared, they were my favorite local group at the time.
Music shopping is not like it used to be. In the late 60s, through the 70s, and into the 80s, you could go into independent music stores like Dearborn, make friendly aquaintances with employees (they'd have different people for the different types of music) and get turned on to lots of new stuff. I was 12 and in Dearborn Music asking for the newest Dave Clark Five record. The very hip looking teenage girl said, "They're alright but you have to check out this new band called the Byrds." They also introduced me to Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Coltrane, Miles, Monk... the list goes on and on. Remember, this was before FM radio played anything other than classical. Dearborn Music also turned me on to the English composers of the last century, Lloyd, Arnold, Bax, Vaughn-Williams, etc.

Now I go in there and it's a good day if anyone even makes eye contact other than a half embarrassed side glance and mumbled, "You need anything?" A year or so ago I asked a young worker about an all girl local Detroit band with the word "Cobra" in their name and an EP they'd released which had been favorably reviewed in the Detroit Free Press. He looked confused, shrugged, and said he had no idea who that would be. I then asked a young women employee the same question, she did exact same thing, turned and walked away. I found the manager who was helpful in saying, "I have no idea who that would be, I don't follow local bands." I asked who the store expert was in that category, he said they didn't have one. This in the town of The White Stripes, The Von Bodies, Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, etc. No wonder record sales are down - the stores are a depressing place to shop.

Side bar: Why are so many young people today both cynical and dull at the same time? Why is every kid shown on MTV slouching or laying down? Down they even have the energy to sit in a chair?!? I teach kickboxing, am 52 years old, and can barely find someone in their 20s who can spar two rounds without dying. What's happening here??