Classic Records Zep series ?

Classics' site isn't working for me, but it appears in poking around that the first 4 Zep re-issues are available in both 180 and 200g vinyl -- with the expected price differentials.

Is this correct, and is this just working the: 1) re-issue market, and: 2) the heavier-is-better angle? Kinda like that stuped 89 octane gasoline?
Do a search on them...they've been out for a couple of years. I believe people seem to think they were mastered very well (besides the heavy weight virgin vinyl thing). As far as their market goes, I suppose they appeal to anyone that's willing to pay $30 for a Zeppelin album.
I have the box set with the 200g Quiex sv-p vinyl. Mastered with Jimmy Page apparently. They sound really good...and it is worth while because nobody gets bored of Zeppelin? They might be putting them out impression was the first set was limited edition...and also came with a test pressing 45 of Stairway to Heaven.
Chatting with the nice fellow at Elusive Disc revealed that the 180's were the first release of the Quiex formulation. The current 200's are the Quiex SV-P. Allegedly to match the thickness of early Blue Note LP's.

There's little I won't do, but fiddling with VTA on a per-Lp-basis is not gonna happen. Hopefully, I have a VTA tolerant cart that will allow a comprimise position.

Ignoring the artist, the $30 re-issue price also bothers me no end.
I've got the Led Zeppelin 2 classic pressing. The box set is out of print and goes for 160-200 when you can find it. The sound is a great improvement but bear in mind a lot of these recordings were muddy to begin with. I'd like to know what Presence or Phsical Graffiti sound like.
Wayne's World

After luring assistance in a guitar store by playing the "Can I help you?" riff, Wayne picks up his dream guitar and plays the legendary opening riff to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven." The clerk stops him and points to a sign on the wall saying "No Stairway to Heaven." Apparently, the producers were unable to get rights to the song, and were forced to overdub something else.

Good thing it doesn't apply to Classic Records.
Albert...funny you mention that...when I watched the School of Rock DVD with Jack Black...there is a whole extra part about how they tried to get the rights to use The Immigrant Song...I understand that Zeppelin doesnt let their songs go so should check it is HILARIOUS seeing Jack Black begging them to use the song.
What about that piece that was the opening for the Cadillac commercial?