Classic Records / Procol Harum

During my most recent vinyl spending spree I acquired from Classic Records a 200 gram 'Quiex SV' release from Procol Harum. On one side of the record "A whiter Shade of Pale" is cut at 45 rpm and the other side traditional 33 1/3. That's it, only one song. I can't stop listening to this cut....when I close my eyes its like the recording stuido is in my great room. These people at CR really know their analog...It is amazing. If you can, pick up a copy. I assure you that you won't be dissapointed. This one song will become one of the 'black vinyl discs' you use to convert back those who were taken in to the dark side of digital!
Yes, this is a very good recording. Did you know that the lead singer/author of this song toured with Ringo Starr(and his all-stars) for a number of years?

You get the same song with Jack Bruce(Sunshine of your love), on Base, Frampton on lead guitar, and Ringo doing drums in a 'live' setting.

Of course, this is not the extraordinary studio session to which you refer, but it is, nevertheless, kinda fun.

especially on DVD.
Thanks for the lead! Procol Harum is one of my all-time favorite rock groups.
I bought this one, too, and I agree on AWSP, it is very well laid down.

OTOH, I have found the Classic issues, on the whole, to be inconsistent. About 1 in 3 I've bought have been plagued with very bad surface noise (after cleaning prior to first play, of course). Luckily, I have a dealer who will take them back on my word.

Anyone else have this problem?
I have purchased many 'Classic Records' records directly from the company or other internet vendors. My 'defect' rate is about 25%, I am very particular....But rightfully so at 30.00 - 40.00 dollars a pop! (Most recent CSNY cost $40.00 + shipping)
Over the years I've bought a large number of their titles. My defect rate was small until they went to the new vinyl formula. I believe it's called Quiex. Anyway, I purchased a few of the 200 gram releases using this new vinyl. I liked the sound, but the surfaces have been a problem. I went through four copies of the Norah Jones release and finally gave up.

Until they give us the quality surfaces they used to they've lost me as a customer.
I dive through Procol Harum full of listening joy. I like the sound of these remasters, but still still still prefere originals.
Ah yes, to have the originals is always desirable. But during my youth I had not the funds to purchase these classic records nor the quality equipment to listen to them. Now, in the Autumn of my years I can and do enjoy both. I am greatful that there are still some companies out there that take pride in good record manufacture!

I bought a used record from Procol Harum intitled:"Live with the Edmonton Orchestra". Try this! An exceptionnal one. I listen to this on my Rega Planar 25 and I'm in paradise!