Classic Records HDAD discs

Has anyone else had problems playing the 24/96 side of Classic Records' two-sided HDAD titles in their regular DVD players? I don't have a DVD-Audio player so I cannot try the 24/192 DVD-A side but the 24/96 side skips like crazy in my trusty Sony DVP-C600D.

The title is Alan Parsons' "Turn of A Friendly Card" which had been on backorder for several months. When I finally got my copy and discovered it wouldn't play, I emailed them about the problem and they sent a second disc but it will not play in my system either. Both discs look fine on the surface (no scratches or imperfections). Should I give up on this one? Earlier single-side issues on Classics 24/96 DAD discs play perfectly in my player and I'm a little leery of ordering more titles from the catalog if these new dual-sided HDAD discs are all the same. Any ideas what would cause this?