Classic Records 45RPM BoxSet Boxes?

Does anyone know the source of the boxes that Classic Records used for their newer 45RPM series BoxSets?

I have about 20 of the original 45RPM BoxSet series that never came in boxes and about 15 of the newer 45RPM BoxSets that came in the RED boxes. I would really like to have them all in boxes.

I have sent (3) e-mails to which was Classic Records online retail outlet, but they haven't had the courtesy of answering me and Classic Records themselves are no longer in business.

I would like to keep them the same RED color and style, but probably would use some other color if I can't find these.

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When my dad died, I got his 45's in a red box.
The other 2 were in smaller 45 boxes that were designed
for 45's. If you want them, you can have them.

Thanks so much, but I am looking for the boxes for LPs, (12" records). Sorry, I wasn't even thinking that my question would be interpreted as boxes for 45's, (7 inch records).

Almost all of the newer Classic Records 45RPM box sets came in a large 12" red box. These hold either 4 or 8 LP size records.
Mofi, doesn't Bags unlimited have something to offer?

Thanks. I already talked to them and they don't sell what I'm looking for.
Try calling Acoustic Sounds.
I did just find these guys:

I have sent them an e-mail for prices.
Thanks Mofi!...been looking for these lp boxes for a while. I contacted Dave at Stoughton who is sending a price list. He says they can make plain generic as well as custom sizes and thicknesses.
Originals are much better more air etc.