Classic Over-reaction!

So today I was listening to a new vintage LP that had just arrived. And when I switched cables from my phono stage to my Hegel 160 integrated - just to note sonic differences between cables -- I noticed that all of a sudden - for the first time - a noticeable hum was emanating from the Hegel’s transformer.

Crap. What now?

I switched back to the original cables. Nothing. The hum was still there.

I tried different tubes in the phono stage. Nothing. The hum was still there.

I unplugged the Hegel from the wall outlet and plugged it into the power strip. Nothing. The hum was still there. I switched everything off in despair and moped upstairs for dinner.

Where I noticed the toaster oven was on. Hmmm. A few minutes later the toaster oven dinged and turned off and I went downstairs, turned the Hegel on, and the hum was gone.


I had a dedicated line put in at our last place, but since moving I haven't gotten around to it, I will eventually should I continue with this hobby.

Or I'll sell everything and take my family to New Zealand for a few weeks.
buy a used PS Audio power filter. I got mine used for $700
Best money I ever spent. Cleaned all noise is gone. No hum. Dead silence when no signal is playing.
Jeez, 700.00 filters, dedicated AC lines, just throw out the damn toaster! HUM GONE! 
If you can plug this in to the same outlet as the toaster you may find it will not be a problem any longer.  The...  Audio Prism Quietline.