Classic MIT Balanced Interconnects - Worth??

I am remodeling my 8 yr old home theater room. In the process I am moving my amps farther away from my components and as a result I have several old MIT XLR cables that are not long enough. I have had these things for years and have no idea what they might be worth. They show some wear, and a small issue with the strain relief rubber on the Neutrik connectors coming loose. Here is what I have:

(2) MIT Terminator Proline Balanced XLRs - .5 meters
(1) MIT Terminator Proline Balanced XLRs - 1 meter
(2) MIT M-330 Terminator Proline XLRs - 1 meter

Anyone care to venture any estimates?


I just bought a pair of 1.5 meter balanced XLR MIT CVT1 Pro new for $450. So I'm guessing somewhere a little south of that but not by much. MIT just had a huge price increase on the new ones.

Hope that helps.