Classic McIntosh sound?

Greetings! Can anyone tell me what the classic McIntosh sound is? Also any review on the MA6900 integrated amp would be appreciated. Thanks to all of you.
As a Mc owner I can only say that the "classic mcintosh sound" is a warmer, detailed and accurate sound. There are better products "sonically" but none better dependability and build than a mcintosh. look on the website for reviews if any are there on the 6900.
The "classic McIntosh sound" is as described in the fellows response ahead of mine, but that sound is always associated with their amps that have the auto-formers. Try a MC7200, and you will have a different opinion! That's a direct-coupled amp, and is a great sounding amp. As far as reliability, there is none better!
I recently bought the McIntosh MCD205 cd player and the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amplifier. The overall sound quality is great with my Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers. The extra power plus the tube like quality of the MA6900 make these speakers really stand out. I was very suprised at how good it sounds (and so were my friends). A review of the MA6900 is available at in their review section. Hope this helps. cheers..
Warm, musical. Not analytical at all. There have been several reviews of the MA6900: Stereophile and several British mags. All very positive. I had it for a while, then upgraded to the tubed seperates. Even better.
Yes to all the above, except I have the 6500, no autoformers, and it is still: warm, detailed, musical, etc. I would add: engaging without drawing attention to itself, impartial to the frequency curve, and has that "can't live without it" je ne sais qoi (hope I did that right). BTW, I just sent mine to the factory for some work and am missing it sorely already, and it's been about 5 hours.
More if you want it: high WAF, both visual and sonic (she has better ears than I do). High envy factor among your friends. High resale value.
Sent to the factory for work? I am on my third McIntosh and none of them ever needed anything. I agree that even the direct-coupled versions sound similar to the autoformer ones. A little laid back, warm, emotional, coherent, and very full are the ways I hear McIntosh sound. It turns out to be my favorite type too. Lucky me! Arthur

I owned the same Mac gear since 1976. (C28 pre amp and 2205 amp) and have just upgraded to Herron equipment. The Mac is built like a tank (only one trip in 25 yrs. to service for current upgrades from service bulletins). The sound is warm, less three demensional than the newer gear and the bass is less defined and doesn't go as low as my current system. What other product can you get so much trouble free enjoyment out of and sell it for the same price as you paid for it? I have great respect for Mac gear.
Goose, how does it compare to Herron?
I've owned/used an MC7200, MC2100, and the MC250 over the years, and all these SS amps have the classic tube-like warmth and neutrality of a great vacuum tube amplifier. The only amps that can sound warmer (ie: more tube-like) than any SS Mac is an actual McIntosh tube amp!

To me, the classic McIntosh sound is accuracy; being faithful to the recording without drawing any attention onto itself. What you hear is the music in all its original, uncolored glory. Whether it's solid-state or driven by vacuum tubes, direct coupled or uses autoformers, all McIntosh amplifiers possess this ability to make the best recordings you own a truely "live" experience! They're that good!

Compared to my Herron tube pre amp and solid state mono amps the McIntosh gear is not as good. I don't have that much experience with the new Mac gear and like I stated my Mac gear was old. The Herron equipment is more open, has better placement of specific insturments has better defined, tighter and lower bass. The treble is more grain free and more extended. Of course these are subjective comments and I was very familiar with the my Mac equipment since I owned it for 27 years. Also the Herron equipment is much more expensive than my old Mac gear so it's not really fair to compare the two. Like I said, the Mac gear was no slouch but IMO the Herron gear betters it in all areas.