Classic Luxman amps vs. new Luxman amps?

I know Luxman doesn't currently have much US distribution, so I was wondering if any fans of Luxman gear have been able to compare their newer amps (the M-5, M-7, etc) to some of their older solid state amps from the late 70's (like the M-2000 or M-4000)? What differences and/or similarities did you notice? Thanks...
I have owned several M2000 amps & find them fantastic. Much better build quality than the newer ones . The large led/vu meters are gorgeous ! A great undervalued amp. The T110 tuner is another great Vintage Luxman piece. The c1000/1010 is also nice
I remember playing with a few LuxKit tube amps more than 15 years ago in Hong Kong. Aside from being not too reliable (prob'ly not assembled right) they sounded damn good.