Classic Audio T 3.3 or 3.4 speakers thoughts from actual owners

What speaker preceded your Classic Audio speaker?  What were differences between them? Any regrets? 
These are one of my dream speakers. I don’t have them, but have sat in front of a buddies T3’s powered by Atma-Sphere OTL M-60’s now for seven to eight years. This system is the reason I’ve now run Atma MA-1 for a dozen years now. I know Ralph Karsten who makes these wonderful amps has T3’s, travels and shows with John Wolf of Classic Audio and speaks very kindly of them. John’s place is about an hours drive away, now if I could just pull the trigger...

Here are some of Ralph's kind thoughts.

I have Classic Audio 3.3 speakers powered by Atmasphere Novacrons and the pairing  is absolutely great. Previous speakers were Coincident Pure Reference. The 3.3's are much more dynamic.