Classic 3 VPI

My Classic 3"s belt squeals upon turn on.  After a couple of seconds, the squealing stops.  I've tightened the pulley, installed a new belt and did what VPI recommended, I powdered the belt.  After applying powder, the squeal quietened but squealed again on the very next try.  I reapplied powder and the same thing happened.  Any advice is welcomed.

I suggest running two belts in tandem.  With my Aries 3 I am running 3 belts - no start up issues or belt squealing.

The way to apply powder is put belt in plastic bag, shake in talc, seal and shake around.  Remove belt, blow off excess powder and install.

My VPI prime does the same thing, see the thread I put on VPI's general audio forum.
My VPI Classic 3 belt does the same thing. I powdered it as recommended by VPI but as you said, it doesn't last long. I finally got used to the sound which stops after the platter gets up to speed and use it that way since it doesn't affect the sound on the record. I still love the TT.
You have probably transferred some "natural oils" during handling and now they have coated all surfaces.

Powdering the belt is a temporary fix and does not address the real issue - belt slippage - you need more grip - the powder allows the belt to slip silently until the platter is spinning - result, no squeals, but the powder wears off and makes a mess on the plinth

You might want to consider cleaning the belt and all surfaces that come into contact with the belt thoroughly (I've used isopropyl alchohol) it will give the belt more grip and hopefully eliminate the squeel.

I've had this issue for years on my "Rega" and cleaning has yielded the best results, but  if that does not work, you will have to resort to the "Rega nudge" on startup - you just give it a little push and then turn the power on.

If you change speed a lot I would recommend getting a pair of cotton cloves when handling the belt.

I do agree with other posters about running multiple belts - that is a big platter to get moving and one skinny little belt probably will not provide enough grip.

Regards - Steve

My Prime gives a small squeak upon start up with no assistance.
I've gotten into the habit of giving the platter a little help when pushing the start button, and there is no noise now.
Just a slight clockwise push on the platter while engaging the motor.

I know of other turntables that require this to get their heavy platters moving.
Yes, clean the belt, but remember you also need to clean the perimeter of the platter.  Isopropyl alcohol is fine, or ROR (residual oil remover) if you're so inclined. Also, wash your hands thoroughly before you begin the operation.  
Spin the platter by hand before you push the power button. Both of my VPI TT's do the exact same thing.
My Rega RP 3 just started doing the same thing. My white belt has around 120 hours of play time how long will a belt last? Also can I use two belts on the RP 3? 
lenmc - u need to check ur rega table pulley - does it have grooves for more than one belt?

on the vpi classic 3 the pulleys have grooves for 3 belts
If you are planning on using more than 1 belt on your Classic turntable, make sure that you have the correct non-stepped pulley often referred to as a HRX pulley. 
My 4 year old Classic has squealed since day 1. 

I dont hear this quirk as a real concern. A few seconds of belt slippage and its fine.If your running your table straight, the platter speed  by default, is off. This is only an issue however, for the obsessive hobbyists like many of us here.

Since it isn't an issue once up to speed, I'd be more concerned with speed stability via SDS/ADA or Phoenix RoadRunner.

The use of multiple belts would seem, on it's face, to not be a good idea. Connecting the motor to the platter more, thus transferring the vibrations?

Since the Classic 3 has an on-board motor, this may not be an issue and in fact help to dampen the motor vibrations?

Have you actually tested this in some way or is this based on listening? Thanks.
" on the vpi classic 3 the pulleys have grooves for 3 belts "
Look closely and you'll see the grooves are slightly different in size. The grooves are used to fine tune speed and not for extra belts.
Try dropping your belt in boiling water for 20 seconds or so. After doing this I have had no belt squeal for months. It worked on my previous belt as well.