Classic 3 and Zephyr

I installed a Soundsmith Zephyr on a Classic 3 using the supplied jig and I was surprised how far back the cartridge had to be set back in the shell head. It's so far back the connecting wires seem tight. Being the Zephyr had the input from VPI I'm surprised by this. Does anyone with this same setup concerned that the cart sits so far back on the shell head?
Did you set the proper tonearm spindle to pivot distance before mounting the cartridge? needn't do that if the VPI jig was used. However....perhaps Nedmoto was sent the wrong jig for your arm. I suggest calling VPI for clarification.
Thanks, I'm not sure you can set the spindle on the JMW 10.5. The manual for the Classic 3 says something to the effect that if they didn't supply tool to adjust 'don't'. As I looked at it I really didn't see a way to do it either. I did remount the Zephyr taking special attention to how the wires were routed and they don't seem as tight. I'll probably call Mike at VPI this week.
You're doing something wrong. I own a Classic 1 w/ Classic 3 wand upgrade. I also use the SS Zephyr. I'm looking at my set up now as I write this post. The front face of the Zephyr is set back maybe a millimeter from the front end of the wand. Plenty of room for the wires. I used the VPI alignment jig, which btw is based on Baerwold geometry. Double check your work, but if you're still stumped, call Mike at VPI. FWIW, the Zephyr mates really well with the Classic wand. If set up properly, your rig should sing. Give my regards to Mike. Bruce
I have a Classic (model before the 1/2/3 came out) with a Zephyr and mine is also set back pretty far. During setup I actually pulled it out and started over just to be sure, and ended up in the same place.

(I use a Mint protractor for setup)
My Zephyr is mounted a little more than halfway back in the JMW 10.5i slots, but I didn't think much about it. Great cartridge.
Thanks for your all your responses. I'd say I I'm about 85-90% back in the slots. I used the supplied jig with the Classic 3 and with my earlier post, once I took more care with the wire placement the second time around it doesn't don't look as tight. I'll post Mike's 2ยข after I talk to him.
Stringreen, yes, if he used the vpi jig he will ultimately get the proper spindle to pivot distance but if the initial spindle to pivot distance is incorrect to start, then a radical cartridge adjustment within the head shell would be required to compensate for the incorrect distance.

Nedmoto, take the wand off the base and measure the bearing point to the spindle. You should get a distance of 262mm. If the distance is greater than 262mm, that is why your cartridge needs to be place to the rear of the head shell to compensate for the greater length.

Another simpler explanation could be that you are using the 10.5 jig setting instead of the 10.5i jig setting.
BRF...that's what I said
It was worth repeating :-)
I did speak with Mike today. He said he's probably mounted about twenty Zephyrs and they do sit far back in the head shell as far as I previously mentioned. He didn't real have any explanation why SS designed it that way, and he too thought it was odd since it was designed for VPI. I measured the bearing-spindle distance and it's the 262mm mentioned. I took a picture (wish I could post it here) and sent to Mike so he could see it.
I've figured it out (I think). The issue is the distance from the cart's mounting holes to its stylus tip. I just held another cartridge up next to the Zephyr and it's obvious that this distance (in the other cart) is less than it is on the Zephyr. So, to compensate, the Zephyr has to be moved back in the slot.
If you increase the bearing to spindle distance by a millimeter or two, this will allow you to shift your cartridge forward in the head shell and still hit the cross hair dot on the vpi jig.
Mike is going to make me a wand a few mm shorter. I have a Clearaudio Maestro that is being re-tipped at Soundsmith now. That will be the perfect solution as I'll be able to keep both carts attached for an easy swap. Thanks again for all the responses.
Nice, you gotta love how VPI will go the extra mile for their customers. VPI's biggest problem now is keeping up with demand.