Classic 16.0 Integrated Amp

Just wondering if anyone ever had any experience with Classic 16.0 Integrated Amp? Please let me know how does it sound? Is it a good amp for a newbie? I was going to get a Kavent A210 to pair up with TAD 803SD. Please advice. Thank you.
Can't comment on the 16.0 but I do have the 6.1 and its pretty good. At first I thought it was great, thinking it would mellow out some but it retained just a bit of its stridency. This was through some Tonian TL-D1s and those speakers are very revealing of what's upstream. A system mismatch but no big worries. Its quite musical, has good bass, a slightly warm midrange and good highs. I've never tired of listening to it and it has a fine build quality. I haven't heard all the competition but I'd take it over some of the other imports. Factor in the price and I'd take it over a lot of what's out there.
Hopefully the 16.0 is better for your needs.
Thanks for the comment. It does help to know that the classic has a good build and good quality.

For some reason, I'm leaning towards Kavent A210 (hybrid) vs Classic 16.0 just because it's hard to find a customer's review on 16.0. There are more customer's review on 16.2, but 16.2 is out of my budget range. On top of that, there's a good review for Kavent A210 + TAD 803SD on this speaker review forum Tube Audio Design TAD-803 Single Driver Speaker

I'm still keeping my option open if in fact that tube is better than hybrid for the long term. The price for Classic 16.0 is about $200 more than Kavent A210.