Classe XLR balanced inputs??

I just purchased a Classe CA-200. In reading, I came across the balanced and unbalanced inputs using RCA or XLR inputs. I am new to this high end audio arena and not familiar with XLR and balanced. Does it really sound much different/better and, if so, where can one purchase a set of these to go from the CA-200 to a CP-35?
yes and in addition there's good synergy w Clase components.
look for balanced/ XLR interconnects at this site...
Thanks for the input...I will definitely go in that direction.
You owe it to yourself and Classe to use balanced with those amps. I used to have the CA-201 and it is (one of the few) TRUE balanced speed demon!
I own the DR-6 pre and the 70 power amps. Balanced sounds all well and fine, but for more of a musical sound use the RCA's and skip the balanced lines. The difference was not small in my comparison.

It's news to me that Classe audio amps are true differential balanced circuitry. Give the RCA's a try as the poster above indicates.
Most models in last years {and this } years models are true differntial balanced circuitry. Call Classe , re your model numbers, if they are truly balanced designs, then yes it is well worth it.