Classe vs. Sonic Frontiers

I currently own a Classe 5 Pre and power combo. I am wondering if changing the pre to a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 or greater would be a huge improvement. Also would be interested in the phono 1 to replace the internal phono in the Classe. If anyone has experience using Sonic and Classe let me know what your findings are. I am powering Proac speakers with this setup.
I do prefer panasonic.
Good for you Ernand, but I'm not really interested in Panasonic!!! Thanx for your input.
I had a SF line 1, Classe 200, SF CD player and B&W 802 series lll in my 28 x 17 living room for two years. Classe makes excellent amps but I am not as impressed with their other gear. Went to B&W 802N, and a little bass power was missing. Now have Classe 401. Got a deal on Leavinson 380S and sold the SF line 1 after that. Point being... The first system was very good, the second is more expensive and EXCELLENT. I really did like the tube preamp....but the Levinson is hard to beat if you can afford it.
i haven't heard either of these, but if yure considering a change, proac recommends the arc 100.2 amp & the ls-16 or ls-25 preamp. i've heard the proac 2.5's w/the 100.2 & the ls-16, & it sounds great.
I have own both and auditioned them against one another. Classe CAP80 vs. Sonci Frontiers SFS-80. I have previous owned an SFC-1 sig. integrated tube amp and preferred it over many solid state amps. I was amased that the perforamnce of these two were very close in many aspects. It took concentrated listening to find their differences. That how subtle the differences were. Recently the CAP80 have received favorable resommendation by Stereophile. Either way your the winner!
Thank you for all of your responses. Regarding the ARC equipment, I have priced their stuff out and they are way too expensive. Sonic Frontiers stuff seems reasonable on the net, and actually I recently saw an add for VTL 2.5 linestage. If anybody had any opinions on this unit vs. the Sonic I would love to hear. I have no local VTL dealer. Thanx again...
If you would like to already fogus on buying Sonic Frontiers Line-1 just go ahead and get one for yourself and that's good thing. if you ask, should it improve your system? I'm not so sure but I really think it should sound better overall as I did audition both pre. I prefered Sonic Frontiers Line-1 over Classe`5 pre.
I have a Sonic Frontiers line 2, my friend had a VTL 2.5 we tried with many various systems. He sold the VTL at a great loss, I still have my pre-amp and plan to keep it for quite some time.
I am not familiar with the Classe pre, but do own a Line 1. The SF preamps in stock form can best be described as very neutral, with none of the warmth typically associated with tube equipment. With an appropriate NOS tube change, however, these pieces can come alive. At present prices, they are also a wonderful value for the quality you get. Being unfamiliar with your Proacs and your front end, I cannot say how the stock combination would sound out.
O.K thanks again everyone. The response seems unanimous. The line 1 is a steal!!! Now, how do I know that it will drive my Classe amp? I am unfamillier w/tubes and I heard that one must match pre-power carefully. Any ideas?
I have a Classe 200 and sf line 1 and they work great together. SF preamps will match well with most solid state amps.
I wouldn't worry about any SF tube preamp driving your Classe amp. I've used both a SFL2 and SF Line 3 to drive a Classe CA400 and both were/are fantastic... Kent
I am not familiar with Classe's products. I love my SF line 3. I never think that I am missing anything when I listen to it. The price is also great. I use it along with a Krell KSA 200S to drive a pair of Ohm Walsh 300's. I am curious as to how it stacks up against a good SS unit as I have no experience with SS preamps.