Classe vs. Meridian

I am considering buying a Classe cpd .3 to replace my current Medridian 506(18).Do you have any opinions on this substitution? (of course you do) I like the sound of my Meridian I would just like more, is the Classe a good move up or is it a latteral move.Should I upgrade my Meridian to a .24 ? Money matters so please don't recommend dropping 2 grand on something out of my range. Thanks
I am biased because I own a 508.24, but I recommend it highly. It is an exception player and better than the Classe. The meridian is more refined with better detail and bass. You will get the meridian sound, just more of it. You can get the 508.24 for around 1600-1900. Good luck.
I have a 508.24 and a 506.18. At least, I think it's still a 506.18. A few years ago, it was skipping pretty bad, so my friendly dealer sent it back to meridian for me, where it was fixed, loaded with the latest software, and given a new dac. This was so long after the production run, who knows? No charge for any of this. Sounds great. It's in a different room from the 508, which is clearly better, but I don't sit there thinking, gee this cd would sound better in the other room - I just enjoy.

The Classe is also very good. I'm sure some people might prefer it over the meridians. If you like the sound of the 506, what do you think is missing? What is the more that you want?

My suggestion is to try to listen to what you're interested in, and, maybe, even try the latest inexpensive 24 bit cdp from, say, NAD. One thing I wouldnt do right now is spend a lot of money on a cdp.
I will side with the Classe here, though I do believe it to be a lateral move for you. A Classe CDP.3 will be different from your Meridian 506(18), not necessarily better. I have a Classe CDP-1 which I think is still Classe's best non-SACD effort. I liked it better than the Meridian 508.20 I compared it to. It's just a matter of personal musical taste. While I agree with Smjason that the Meridian is more refined with better detail, I'd have to argue his claim that it has better bass. The Classe's strength is warmth, musical with plenty of bass slam. The Meridian was a little too polite for my taste. However, if you like it, I would suggest that you stay with it, maybe upgrade it. As with many choices in audio, it comes down to your musical taste of balancing musicality with detail. I prefer analogue to any cd player, so when it comes to digital, I prefer a unit which sounds musical, even if it means that I have to give up that last pinch of resolution. Your system/room/taste may vary.