Classe vs mcintosh

Looking for comments on the Classe 200 watt 2 channel amp (CA2200) as opposed to the mcintosh 252 or 402. I have heard that classe is cleaner, more accurrate etc. However, looking at the specs its hard to see how anything could be cleaner or more accurrate than the 0.005% THD of the mac amps. I know the CA2200 is spec'd at .003% THD at 8 ohms and .005% TDH at 4 ohms but that .002% difference at 8 ohms is so small as to be without a distinction. Listening to the Classe it just seemed boring and lacking compared to the mac amps ( with no tubes in the system ). Both amps driving B&W speakers.
Listening to the Classe it just seemed boring and lacking compared to the mac amps

So, with that being said, didnt you pretty much answer your own question, or am I missing something ?
I went through the same decision process for my 803D mains and ended up with a Spectron Musician III SE MK2. Best of both worlds combined plus 1, imo.
The problem is the speakers. They just do not sound that good to begin with. Try tube amps and preamps. McIntosh.
i agree with polk432. it isn't the amps. you also need to compare like amps. you are stating that you compared the 200 watt classe with the 252 and 402 mac. i didn't like the 252, no power, but if you compare the classe to a much larger amp, you are not comparing apples to apples. get a hold of a ca-401 or the classe cam-350 or ca-400 mono's and you might change your tune. remember it doesn't matter if you listen to the speakers at a low or high volume, an amp with much more power will better control the speakers at all volumes better than a lass powerful amp.
What B&W speakers do you own? Or are the B&W's just what the store was using?
"The problem is the speakers"

Geee..... I have 802D driven by pair of Spectron Musician III SE and I am in heaven... not only that I never auditioned a better sound anywhere.

Its NOT speakers - its the amps!!!! If you read last year (July issue) article in Stereophile on meaning difficult to drive speakers - the author choose as the example B&W and show how its phase changes enourmosly and how it is difficlut to control them.

I listed (and owned) Classe, Macs and whathave you incduling $30k Plinius Reference -M and none of them can be compared with Spectron, I agree fully with Nick778

All The Best

Rafael - Thanks for stepping up to the plate dude!

I have B&W 703 speakers and although they are not as high end as many in the froum they are nice for me and what I could afford as I got a screaming deal on them brand new.

As for the Amp debate I grew up with McIntosh as my dad had their gear and but I will listen to both and many others on my next amp purchase. This time it was what I know.


Well I have owned both amps, but different B&W speakers so I don't know how much help I would be. When using the CA2200 with Signature 805's I enjoyed the system. When I changed to 802D's the CA2200 didn't seem to be enough; I also used the MC402 on the 802D's and would say I prefer it over the CA2200 with the 802D's, but in my room neither setup was what it should be IMO.
IMO I have to agree.. dump the 802d speakers..Ive heared them in about every setup possible..slooooow,tubby.For the $$$ there are much better canidates
Polk and Mission,

You guys convinced me. I just pushed my Signature 800's to the curb. Hopefully the trash men will be able to get them in the back of the garbage truck. They are heavy. That's probably what makes them so slow and tubby.
What about the preamps ?,all this talk on amplifiers ...hooked up to what preamp ? makes a difference, I have 4 systems and a Mac C46/252 into a pair of B&W CM4 floor standing,nothing special, but a good quality speaker, and that combo sounds mighty fine, it doesn't "bowl" you over nor does it"bore" you to sleep.

But I can dramtically change the sound, by changing electronics, both tube and SS. As to Classe, can't comment,haven't heard any.

All I am saying is don't overlook pramps and sources for that matter
I use Pass Labs X250.5 with my N803 and love it. Totally awesome! I have heard MC402 with 803S and 252. Pretty good, but I like the Pass better. Before I bought the Pass I have considered MC402. Pass is more involving with the B&Ws and it seems to drive them effortlessly. Power reserves seem unlimited. It also is super good on low level resolution with the B&Ws due to Class A bias up to 37 watts.

I like Classe with the B&Ws as well. But I would think twice about Classe or McIntosh if you felt that Classe amp was boring.