Classe vs Krell

Had- Two krell kav 250 jumped to mono's driving Martin Logan accents Direct to a wadia 861 no preamp Velodyne 15
loved it moved sold it now

Looking at Krell 300FPB or classe cam 400

ML summit or B&W 802d

Wadia or classe sacd 2

if you want loose bass get the krell if you want tight bass and beautiful pitch and control get the cams

Most of us Krell owners will disagree with Wadia150's "loose base" opinion. Same goes for "beautiful pitch" and "control".

Wait for more opinions and read more reviews before deciding, providing you aren't able to audition either.
Just try to demo if you can. This is a rather personal topic. I found my FPB-300C to be not at all as folks here would have had me believe. Perhaps it is just system dependent - who knows. Aside from the 30 minute warm-up time, I like it a whole lot.
Wadia150 is the first I have ever heard, reviewer or listener who called the Krell FPB bass, "loose." In fact, it is just the opposite: fast, tight, deep and musical.

Krell is know widely for it's taughtly controlled bass response. Wadia150 doesn't know what he's talking about.

My lowly KAV400xi integrated has AMAZING bass.
I think the Krell match well with Logans.The Krell,
they do have tight bass.