Classe SSP600 Problems. Anyone Else with DSP prob?

Hi, first time user here. Made a mistake and posted this on CAM lounge by mistake. Apologies... Just wanted to let everyone know that Classe SSP600 which I bought recently from Audiogon from, Bill Parish, crapped out on me less than 1 mth after purchase.

I really enjoyed listening to it. Thought it sounded excellent and thought I made a great purchase till it stopped working last Friday. To make a long story short, Classe Audio says I need a new DSP board. I liked the unit very much, so if that was it, I was willing to pay and fix it. Classe calls me back the other day and says they know about the problem with the DSP board on the Classe SSP600 and have decided to discontinue supporting it. Because of the faulty DSP board which they designed and made, they decided to stop making the board and leave all its loyal customers SOL. Therefore, all of you who spent $6k on your SSP600, if yours craps out, you are SOL! I'm SOL as well, but only got CHEATED by Bill Parish of GTT Audio (username bpgtt on for $1200USD...

I recently purchased a new Classe CP800 as well, and a set of B&W CM6S2. I actually prefer listening to the SSP600 on my CM6S2 over the CP800. The low end was much warmer and fuller on the SSP600. It is a pity it is now an expensive doorstop. After all these problems with Classe, I'm wondering if this problem is unique to me or has anyone experienced anything similar with Classe as well.

To Classe's defence, they did offer to help me exchange my SSP600 for a Sigma SSP plus cash with my local dealer. With my experience with Classe and the reliability issues ( I have a CDP102 that has broken down several times as well) I think I will skip this upgrade offer and buy something more reliable like a Mcintosh pre or even a Teac UD501! Being Canadian, I thought I would support a Canadian product (that's owned by the Brits and made in China now), but this latest issue has made me reassess my future equipment purchases and I'm sad to report that Classe will on longer be at the top of my list.

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How could the person you bought unit from have cheated you? He sold it to you in working condition. Its not like anyone knew it would break a month down the road.
The same was repeated on CAM, why would you disparage someone who sold you a working item? It is unfortunate that your product cannot be fixed so I understand your disappointment but as you said Classe is willing to work with you on this. Plus you are not going to score any sympathy points when you say this person "CHEATED" you. If you want to blame someone, try blaming yourself for your choice of buying an older product even after as you say you had reliability issues with your CDP.