Classe SSP30 upgrade to MKII?

I currently have a SSP30 Classe preamp/processor that I am considering upgrading to the MKII.

The cost appears to be around $500. From what I can tell the upgrade is really just for additional surround formats. The DACS will still be 24/96. I was hoping the upgrade would also include upgrades to 24/192 DACS, but that does not appear to be the case. I am still waiting for a full breakdown of what I get for the upgrade to the MKII. Assuming that the upgrade only covers really only additional surround sound modes like DPLII, NEO:6, etc., does anyone think I should go ahead and spend the money? Or am I better of waiting and using the money down the road for a new pre/pro altogether.

If anyone has actually had this upgrade done I would be very interested to hear about your experience.
How often do you use DPL? Every time you watch TV? DPL II is far superior. I would gladly pay $500 to upgrade my anthem avm-2 if they offered it. It is a feature that I would use daily and notice the upgrade instantly.
PLII is pretty awesome. With a dynamic and clean audio signal PLII can really enhance your HT experience. Digital cable or any of the Satelite TV services will do.

I use PLII more than I thought I would.

DTS Neo6 is just as awesome. IMO. In music mode it is pretty cool. My GF prefers this surround mode to all others, included analog bypass 2 channel. Go figure.
Thanks everyone for the input. I think I will go ahead and pull the trigger. It sounds like the additional surround modes are will add future life to the unit and I am very happy with it musically so upgrading will allow it stay on shelf longer.

Thanks again.