Classé SSP10 - Lexicon DC1

I'd like to buy a new AC3-DTS decoder (2000$-2500$). I have heard that the new Classé SSP10 would be a good choice. Do anybody know more about it ? Is it better that the Lexicon ? What about the Parasound ? Some advice or experience would be welcome.
I have the Lexicon DC-1 and it really kicks butt on movies. It's pretty good on 2-channel, though probably not up to the level of Classe. Depends on what you want from your system. After leaning towards HT I'm now leaning back to audio, so now I have to decide whether to integrate the systems or break them apart. Either way you'll get a great sounding rig! Shawn Harvey
I was having some simliar question, then my HIFU dealer told me to take a look at a Krell KAV300i, This is a 150watt 2 channel intigrated amp. The beauty of it, is there a switch on the KAV300i so it can be used just as a amp so you can power your DC-1 with it, and a Lexicon hooks up nicely to it, so you can have to best of both worlds. Krell KAV300i used about 1500.00, Lexicon DC-1 used about 1500.00.