Classe SSP 800 vs. Krell S-1200

Desperately need opinions as to which of these two fine processors would be the most enjoyable to own from a multi channel audio standpoint as well as enhancing stereo cd's. The video aspect is not important to me at the moment. I want the best sounding unit. Any users out there? Also and this is very important to me; will both units decode sacd data derived from a universal transport such as the Oppo's without downconverting? Kr4 will know the answer.. Thanks.
Depends on your question, of course, but I have no knowledge of the Krell. The current Classe and the Krell 707 will not downsample PCM, afaik, but they will not accept DSD. I do not know about the 1900.
Come on guys. Which sounds better? Video secondary to me.
You don't really expect a definitive answer to that question, do you?

I was hopeful for some insights. Difficult to know which will ultimately be the most satisfying to a traditional two channel audiophiles.I was expecting to hear that the Krell is bright and the Classe dark etc.
The Krell is neutral and the Classe is well... neutral.

Seriously, both are excellent. Only you can make a determination which one sounds best to you with your surrounding equipment (sources, amps, speakers, cables, etc.)
The "preview" screen on the Classe puts it over the top for me. Won't need a TV to navigate software menus. My goal is for hi rez multi channel audio and enhanced stereo.
I went through a lot of processors (classe ssp20, theta casanova, cal ssp2500, krell hts7.1) over the last 15 years and I'm really impressed by the clarity, transparency and dac section of Krell. However, since the departure of Dan Agostino, Krell reliability has gone down big time. Having said that, if you dont own any Krell gears, go with Classe.
Classe's circuitry is almost always smoother sounding to me. Repeat, to me. I really can't explain why...and I know it seems that I give Krell a shot every time it comes up.
Classe is very smoothe and musical sounding in all areas of their product offerings.

Good listening,

Decided on Classe. Can't find a negative word about Classe anywhere.