Classe SSP-800 - Time to move on?

I'm looking for some advice...

I've been a happy owner of a Classe ssp-800 for the past 8 years.   Its been a terrific unit and I've found it to be a very musical.  Initially I focused on buying a high in audiophile processor that could also function reasonably well as a 2 channel preamp as it made a lot of financial sense at the time.

Since then my system has grown and changed a lot and I now have a dedicated Ayre preamp in the chain for my 2 channel listening which works great.

So my question is with all of the new home theater audio formats(and 4k) coming out and with room correction built in to a lot of processors now does it make sense to move on?   I've been specifically looking at the Anthem AVM 60, but am open to suggestions.   The whole idea of room correction sounds really good to me.

I would love to hear from some of you previous Classe SSP 800 owners to see if you had any remorse after selling your processor. 


Hey lalitk,

Yes, I decided not to upgrade my processor and just stick with running the video direct from the OPPO 205 and getting a new 4k projector.   Also, I'm looking at buying some new speakers at some point and would like to use the money on those instead of the processor.   At some point I am sure I will upgrade though.

I read the same thing about Classe and I am very glad to hear from Patrick that this is not the case.   I personally love the looks and lines of the Delta Series.

i was in a similar but different situation 18 months ago. I redid my HT and went with Marantz processor and Bel Canto monos for power. To cut a long story short i finally ended up with a Cary processor. Does way less compared to the Marantz but sounds way way better. 

i fear your classe will simply blow everything else into the weeds from a sound perspective but may not have all the new gadgets .....

Yes, I agree, I've listened to several mid priced Processors and it surprises me the difference in sounds quality; particularly in musicality.   Cary, Bryston, Classe, McIntosh, Theta, just to name a few are very nice sounding.   Expensive, of course, but nice.
OP, I'm using the same Ayre preamp and amp as you with an Oppo 205 in a stereo setup with a 4K Sony XBR.  I always take HDMI-1 from Oppos directly to the monitor or projector.  In the stereo setup, I use analog from the 205 to the Ayre, and for SACDs it's pretty close to the Ayre C-5xeMP.

In a surround/HT setup, I use HDMI from a 105D to a Bryston SP3, with front LR passed through a Parasound JC 2 BP to JC 1 monoblocks.

BTW, I'm using an $50 4K HDMI switch from Monoprice to select between DirecTV and FireTV in the stereo setup, and it works well