Classe SSP 800 Audio problem

Dear people , my classe ssp 800 is not sending any audio signal to poweramps ... Video is OK , everything else seems ok too ... any idea of what`s going on ? and also , something i should do ? reseting would be a good try ?  
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I had the SSP 800 for over 7 yes until recently upgraded to the Lyngdorf MP-50 cause I want Dolby Atmos & DTS-X. 
I never had that problem with the SSP 800 before. 
Try resetting to factory default setting and rebooting the unit from the main power switch on the back. Also make sure you have the latest firmware. 

Sorry mistyped I meant to say that I've had the SSP 800 for over 7 yrs not yes.

dear friends , tks for your comments ...right now i have found the main board damaged , and i`m trying to buy the components to replace ... i`ll notice if i have any success !
tks everyone
Send it in to Classe in Montreal Canada. 
Mine developed an issue and was sent back to Classe via my dealer, it was repaired under warranty. The factory reset is always a good first try after the obligatory "reboot" via power switch in back by cord to resolve odd ball issues.