Classe ssp 75 vs lex MC 12 Balanced

I am looking for a new prepro, I am not able to demo either of these , I am looking for the best musicly, I used to own a lex mc1 but found it lacking in 2 channel,I am told that the new mc 12 is much better. has anyone been able to compare these 2, or other alternatives, thanks
The Classe is still better sonically all around, for sure. The lex has goten better musically, but still not quite the audiophile experience you'll get from a Classe. If you have to have 7 channel full nuts home theater, with EQ's, crossover flexibility, 7 channel logic, etc., then the Lex is for you. if you really enjoy 2 channel, and won't get a separate 2 channel preamp for whatever reason (actually, i think you'll find this the better/cheaper alternative in the long run), then the Classe is a better chioce, and still cleaner and more refined for Digial movies and such.
Another choice is to buy the less expensive Classe! It's as good all around for all practical purposes, and you'll even have more money left over for a quality 2 channel preamp, which you could loop your system through..thus taking advantage of quality 2 channel high end, and then great digital movies with the Classe! (works for me).
Another choice to consider, if you really value the integrity of your music, but want some more features/flexibility with your HT playback, is to look at somehting like the Aragon soundstage. It's not only got "pure dirrect analog bypass" like the Classe's, but it's go the invaluable "advanced bass management" to adjust your crossovers to each channel maximally!(80hz is a bad cross usually, and full range isn't any better with most speakers..which can't handle it properly).
I personally, use the superb Acurus Act 3, which is as clean/detailed/musical as any for HT dubties and digital playback mostly (some are a shade better here, but mondo more money!...hum?...). I have the Acurus looped through my two channel preamp, which is a passive/active Class A rated Pass Labs preamp. I then get the best of both worlds for less's a thought. good luck..
keriadums: would you please describe your proc loop in more detail? how is it wired exactly? does the source feed into your preamp or into the processor? then what? thanks.
To follow up on the previous posting, I have an Adcom GFP- 750 pre amp (Stereophile Class A)that has a proc loop that I use with a EAD Ovation Plus Proccesor.It is also a passive/active preamp that sounds great! Your cd player for example is wired to the preamp and the processor does not have to be on to listen to 2-channel, for movies the preamp switch is on proc loop with no change in sound, level etc!Wiring between pre and proc is just basic ins and outs.The advantage of the lex is balanced outputs for all channels and better d/a converters, but if you have a good cd player you may not want that extra d/a conversion in the proc, and would leave your preamp in the passive mode. Also if your amp does not have balanced inputs on all channels, I would strongly agree with the previous post,to save money and buy the Classe as well as a good 2-channel preamp
You may want to consider some of these. Does anyone know how these compare for two channel stereo: Classe SSP 75, Meridian 568, California Audio Labs CL 2500 SSP, EAD Theatermaster Signature 8?