Classe ssp 600 vs 800 ?

I am debating on a classe ssp 600 or 800, I really don't need video switching since I hook all my video sources directly to my tv, I can save a lot by buying the 600, so my question is audio wise, is there a difference, thanks
Having owned the SSP-600 (very happily!) I can tell you it is one hell of a processor with video bypass, switching, etc....It's audio performance and balanced bypass for 2-channel listening is also very impressive. I will say that I did wind up selling the unit to someone on A-gon that is still using it and raving about it when I sold the HT part of my setup and focused on 2-channel listening exclusively. If I was to build a new home theater and cash were a concern at the time, I would definitely consider picking up a used SSP-600 again without a moment of hesitation as I listened to alot of less and more expensive processors within my price range at the time from Levinson, Meridian, Anthem, Krell, Arcam, Lexicon and others before choosing the SSP-600.

For future investment and best video/audio quality though, I would go for the SSP-800 as the new DSPs, DeepColor video support, new HT formats supported, new balanced bypass analog pre-amp output section, the 800 is a substantial improvement over the already impressive SSP-600. I'm a run of the mill Audiogon user, not a dealer for any product but have alot of time experimenting and listening/viewing Classe and other controllers so if you want to chat, email me and I can share my direct experiences.

Check out the following;

Check out the specs on the Classe Audio website as well.

thanks for info, I bought the ssp600 and I must say, it is a huge improvent sound quality wise then the japenese prepro's that I have owned.
I am glad to hear you are happy with it! The configuration options and degrees of freedom in setting up various profiles, configs, also quite impressive. If you can, try out the balanced bypass functionality for 2-channel listening (you'll need XLR cables from the SSP-600 to your amp for L/R 2-channel listening as well as XLR from your source to the SSP-600). If you have any questions on setup, config, etc...please let me know.
i have aerial 10t's with 2 of their subwoofer's..driven by a mac amp 501 for the fronts and the mac 7505 for the macintosh rears and center channel...being more of an audio than video guy, which classe surround processor and cd player would u recommend, being reasonably economical in the used market? thinking ssp 75 vs 600? i have 3 other systems with top quality gear, rowland, pass, levinson, meridian..for music and theatre in the family room..
I know from owning it the balanced bypass for 2-ch on the SSP-600 is very good. I've heard the SSP-800 is much better in every way. What I found particularly effective was to utilize an SSP-600 for surround decoding and to handle the center, LS/RS and LSB/RSB channels while pairing with a CP-700 pre-amp on unity gain for the front L/R channels (home theater bypass as it is called...). The SSP 75 also has a great reputation but if can afford only 1 unit, make it the 800 or 600 (IMHO).
any one Help me turn on SUB wooffer
I has problem with pre SSp-600
DVD AUDIO out go to In put OPTICAL .
"""and SUB out put go to SUB ..... '''But the SUB never have noise.
You will not be getting DVD-A resolution by an optical connector.....
Correct...same with SACD. You need to run analog audio cables from your player into the SSP-600s pre-amp analog inputs. The only time the SUB will receive input from the SSP-600 is when you have a Dolby Digital 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 (or DTS 5.1 or 6.1) source. For SUB to have input on analog audio outputs you need to be using a subwoofer similar to a REL with the hi-pass input off the amplifier mains unless someone has figured out how to do this otherwise...
I have a ssp 600, although sonicly it is excellent, I find the tiny video screen on it to be useless and gimicly, it is absolutely useless as you can not see it from a seating position. I have been on hold in upgrading the 600, with all the bugs and problems with hdmi. as of now all my video sources are hooked up directly to my tv. so imo, a 600 would suffice as a prepro, good luck
Zephyr24069: Does the SSP 600 have analog bypass input capability?

I send analog 7.1 and XLR stereo from an Oppo BDP-95 to a Cary Cinema 11a. The Oppo does the processing, including bass management; the Cary passes the signal to the amps, so the subs can be activated even with SACDs. The Cary does control volume and convert RCA to XLR, but it treats PCM 88.2 kHz as DSD, so does no bass management. Analog bypass gets around that problem.

Sorry for the delay in replying....both the SSP600 and 800 have analog bypass. I utilized the analog bypass with XLR outputs exclusively with my SSP600 and the results were very good. The SSP600 (like the 800) also has the ability to utilize a separate pre-amp for the front L/R channels (HT passthrough); I also utilized this quite extensively after getting a standalone pre-amp (CP700) to utilize for 2-channel listening as well as bettering my HT experience by using the separate pre-amp to drive the front two channels.
The analog section of the SSP800 is significantly better than the SSP600 though.
Yes...that is correct; I only heard the 800 twice but owned the SSP-600 for more than 2 years so I was sticking to what I know fully.
Hey Samski!

The advantage of an SSP-800 is that by using a Lilliput 8" HDMI secondary monitor at the seating position (mine is mounted on the lamp) you can fire up your music and watch ID3 info on the secondary without the projector on, or having to squint at the components across the throne room:)